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From the 22nd of July to the 7th of August 2022 the beautiful touristic resort from Romania, Vatra Dornei, will host the 64th edition of the European Go Congress. On behalf of the organization team and the town hall of Vatra Dornei I wish a warm welcome to all participants to this great event that has established itself over time as the most important Go event from Europe and one of the biggest in the Go world.

With a myriad of  engaging and fun activities over the length of two weeks  the EGC attracts Go fans from all over Europe but also many participants from the ‘homeland’ of Go – Japan, China, Korea and Chinese Taipei. Visitors from America and Canada add to the intercontinental dimension of this veritable Go festival. After two hard years  that changed life as we knew it, the significance of  having a successful EGC in 2022 is not lost to us. At the core this congress will be about Go, nature and friendship. We aim at an EGC that will become a celebration of humanity’s ability to overcome any adversity.                                                                              Welcome to the 64th European Go Congress in Vatra Dornei, 2022! 

Catalin Taranu – Congress Director

About our site

For us, not a single day passes without adding some new element to the organization of the EGC. Our website is a work in progress reflecting our efforts. As we get closer to the congress date a lot more info will become available. For now we have focused on releasing the website with the essential information needed in order to start the registration . You will find info on venue, schedule, accommodation, meals, entry fees, a way to contact us and of course the all important registration form. We added  the events buttons but for now this section is empty as we don’t have enough data to publish content.