The 12th Pandanet Go European Team Championship started in September 2021 with 37 teams in 4 leagues.


The team of Russia has been removed from the competition by the decision of the European Go Federation, which means that the League A has 9 teams competing for the four spots in the finals.

In this tournament, national teams play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server. The teams consist of up to 12 players, out of which four are selected to play in each round.

Now, after 8 played rounds in league A, the teams from France, Ukraine, Czechia and Poland are closest to the qualification for the finals, to be played “live” right at the beginning of the European Go Congress 2022 in Vatra Dornei, simultaneously with the SEYGO Tour youth tournament.

At least two games per round will be broadcast on the Pandanet-IGS server.


Tournament system:

Rules: Japanese rules, 6.5 komi.

Fischer Time: 45 minutes basic, 20 seconds per move additional
Colors are assigned for every board alternating black and white, depending on the color of board 1, no nigiri.


Prizes  to be announced


Teams:  to be announced