Traditionally, the weekend between the two congress weeks is the time for a separate five rounds McMahon tournament.

The Weekend Tournament is the second largest among the European Go Congress tournaments. Everybody who has registered to EGC can participate, players of every age from all over the world are welcome.


Tournament system:

Rules: Official EGF ranked tournament class A, 5 rounds McMahon, Japanese rules, 6.5 komi.

Top bar will be arranged according to number of players and rank distribution.


Time limits: Fischer time 45 minutes plus 20 seconds increment per move (EGD class A).

DGT 2010 clocks will be used on first 150 boards. In case that DGT 1005 (“byoyomi clocks”) are used on lower boards, Japanese byoyomi will be used the time setting will be 60 minutes + 3×30 seconds.

Prizes: 500 / 300 / 200 Euro for the top 3, additional prizes for 5 and 4 wins

Prizes only for players who played all 5 rounds and show up at the prize-giving ceremony.

The tournament is sponsored by the EGF.