Dear congress participants, one week before our meeting in Vatra Dornei we wish you all a safe travel and we are looking forward to see you soon!


Some important updates before you start your trip:


Weather – Upon watching the news that part of the world is collapsing under heat and drought we feel almost guilty to announce that in Vatra Dornei it was raining a lot and it was quite cold. Almost, but not quite! The weather forecast shows temperatures of 19-25 degrees with very little rain in the coming weeks, which bodes well for our outdoor congress design. In other words, if you want to party at the main venue until the legally allowed 11pm then you should bring some warm clothes with you. In case you didn’t prepare for that, hope is not completely lost, you can find fur clothes for sale in the central park …


Shuttle bus – Many participants are asking about this. We have set a deadline until Monday for bus requests, Monday evening,18thJuly, we will publish the bus routes and prices. Please note that there are some arrivals that are too difficult to arrange with a bus, due to late or lonely arrival times. In that case it will be good to consider the option of public transportation over expensive small car pickup. We will write a confirmation mail to all people who requested a bus and will try to find good alternative options for difficult cases. Keep in touch!


Professional teaching – Due to the very complicated international context, very few professionals from Asia will manage to travel to Vatra Dornei. In exchange, the Nihon Kiin and the Chinese Weiqi Association kindly offered online or recorded comments of EGC games from professional players. We are getting spectacular treats from legendary professional players like Takemiya Masaki 9p, a player who influenced generations with his Cosmic style, and Michael Redmond 9p, the western legend of professional Go. Additionally, six professional players from China:Liu Fan 4p, Meng Tailing 7p, Li Zhe 6p, Wang Xiangyun 3p, Gao Xing 4p and Xie Shaobo 2p will provide reviews of Congress games.  Combined with Twitch commentaries by our European pros and the possibility to watch it all on the large TV screen we are setting up at the main venue, it sounds like balance is restored.


Side activities and tourism – Watch closely the info point or the billboards for registration lists on all kind of activities that will be offered to you. If you wish a chaise ride around the Land of Dorna, it might be there on the list, a pen stroke away.


Stay tuned for future updates!

EGC2022 team