Saijo memorial tournament

„Saijo Masataka, 9 dan professional player, passed away on August 6th 2021. Anyone who has ever attended a European go congress and has met Saijo sensei will not soon forget him. Always willing to analyse games, from beginners to top players, from early in the morning until late at night, a teacher who never said no. Always with a lot of patience and never a cross word, and always with a radiant smile, but above all with a sharp insight into the game. His commentary was always constructive and clear, and you always had the feeling that you immediately understood more of the game. He became the favourite teacher amongst the go players in all the events he has visited. He was dubbed the ‘Buddha of go’ among fans, and as a result Saijo Sensei was appointed as Honorary Go Teacher of the EGF in 1997.“ – from the obituary by Rob Kok  (

As one of his pupils, Catalin Taranu, 5p, designated a memorial tournament which is going to be a highlight of the Second Week of 64th European Go Congress.

Tournament rules: Japanese, 6.5 komi, 5 rounds, EGF class C

Time limits: 30 minutes basic time, 1×30 seconds byoyomi

Prizes: special trophies for the winners