One of the highlights of each European Go Congress is Pair Go.


It has become more and more popular over the years.
Pair Go is really special among Go tournaments because professionals from all over the world can play with/against amateur players in an easy way.

The tournament is open to mixed-sex pairs with an average rank lower or equal to 5.5 dan (in this respect an amateur can range between 20-kyu and 7-dan, while professionals count as 8-dan). Of all registered pairs the top 32 compete for the title ‘Open European Pair Go Champion’ in group A in a seven round tournament, played without handicap.


Rules: the tournament consist of two stages – a preliminary stage and a knockout stage. The best 8 pairs from the preliminary stage will immediately move up to the knockout stage.

All other pairs play in groups of 16 pairs (groups B and up) for up to six rounds, sorted by average rank. Each pair will play at least three rounds on Thursday, the top 8 scoring pairs in every group will play on Friday as well. Handicap is possible in these groups but will most likely be necessary only in the weakest group. 


Time setting: Fischer time, 35 minutes basic, 7 seconds additional per move

Don’t forget to register as early as possible.


This tournament is usually sponsored by the World Pair Go Association.