SEYGO Tour is a series of tournaments dedicated to youth organized under the umbrella of EGF. You can find more info here.


SEYGO Tour stage 2 will take place during 22nd – 23rd July. It will be played at the main EGC venue, in Vatra Dornei.

There are two age groups: U12 and U18, reference date for the age limit is January 1st.


REGISTRATION: Participants must fill a separate form to register


Tournament system:

5 rounds with special SEYGO rules, number of knock-out rounds depends on the number of players.

Thinking time: 1 h, 3×30 sec byo yomi


Entry fee:

No entry fee for SEYGO subscribers.


€20         dan players

€15         single digit kyu players

€10         double digit kyu players

There is a €10 discount for youth who will participate in Congress tournaments.



Friday, 22nd                                                         Saturday, 23rd

09:00-10:00         Registration                                                       

10:00-13:00         Round 1                                10:00-13:00         Round 4

13:00-14:00         Lunch                                   13:00-14:00         Lunch

14:00-17:00         Round 2                                14:00-17:00         Round 5

17:00-20:00         Round 3                                19:00                   Prize giving during EGC Opening Ceremony


Prizes: (all prizes will be awarded as SEYGO vouchers)

For each age group:

1st  place              €120

2nd place              €  70

3rd place               €  50

4th place               €  30