Newsletter #4


Alea iacta est


We have the great pleasure to announce that we confidently go ahead with the organization of the EGC 2022 in Vatra Dornei.

It was a difficult decision to take while we battle an elusive foe called uncertainty. Nevertheless, we chose to believe in people and our congress values: Go, nature and friendship.

Our congress setup is rather unique and truly revolves around the three concepts.


Go– a strong cultural and human link, as long as we provide playing materials and a proper environment people know what to do.


Nature– will be all around us, awaiting discovery. Trips, hiking, rafting, mountain cycling, horseback riding are just a few of the activities that will boost the overall experience. A word about local fauna, squirrels are friendly and funny, ducks are funny and noisy, bears are big and not funny.


Friendship and fun – Most of our efforts are directed towards setting up the right environment for socializing and making new friends. We will organize clear meeting points so that you will know where to go if you feel like sharing with other congress participants. The main venue Loisir will host various activities, as you exit the playing hall you will immediately be able to find a place where to analyze your games, watch high level games on big screens or immerse yourself in the crowd and enjoy the local festival that will surround the congress area. We plan activities for children, a local traditional fair, concert and movie watching, and some things we probably don’t even know yet that we will do.


Website updates

We added a new congress movie and basic info on most Go tournaments. We’ll keep getting new info so keep an eye ready for future updates. We know that for many of you information on prizes is very important but for now the budget is unclear, the final prize value will depend on the amount of paid registrations and eventual sponsors.

Attending professional players and teaching activities

We are happy to announce that Guo Juan and Mateusz Surma will teach at the EGC2022 in Vatra Dornei. It is still too early to announce professional players from Japan, China, Korea or Taiwan. We are working on it. The teaching schedule and planned activities will be uploaded on the site as soon as we have info on all participating professional players.