Newsletter #2


The EGC 2022 organization team condemns in the strongest possible terms the invasion of Ukraine and the atrocious war crimes against civilians.

We want to show solidarity with our friends from Ukraine with more than just words.

So, we have decided the following:

Ukrainian Go players regardless of age and rank are exempted from paying Congress entry fees as well as SEYGO tour entry fees.

Additionally, we are opening a ‘Solidarity for Ukraine’ congress fund.

How will this work:

  • Donations can be made to EGC2022 bank or pay pal account with the mention ‘Donation Ukraine’
  • Donors should contact us with a short message specifying the amount and if they wish to remain anonymous
  • We will daily update a list of donations with name and amount from each donor and publish it on our website
  • All Ukrainian Go players that will participate in the EGC2022 Go events will get an equal share of the total fund that was raised
  • Payment will be done during registration

Congress preparations update

First of all, we would like to show our mood. As if Covid was not enough, a shadow of war engulfs our work and raises a serious question mark about the possibility to still organize this congress.

Nevertheless, each blow makes us stronger and we feel that organization of this event has become a must, if only to show humanity’s resilience against hardships.

We need more than ever the unique feeling of friendship and joy that brought the Go community together for so many previous congresses.

So, yes, we are determined to go ahead and organize the most fun congress ever!

Talking of fun things to do, one of our primary concerns is to provide daily activities as an alternative to Go events. We want people to feel that there is always something interesting to do during the congress.

Few days ago we had a very constructive 4-hour meeting with representatives from the NGO ‘Tara Dornelor’ (which translates as the Land of Dorna).  This is a NGO that promotes ECO Tourism in our beautiful area.  Please take the time to visit their website with just one click on their logo. If you didn’t find it yet, the logo is at the bottom of the front page of our site.

There you will find rich information about tourism related activities and locations.

Plenty of interesting ideas flew around during our meeting but the one that stayed on our mind was the goal to have a calendar of cultural and touristic events that has a customized main activity each and every day.


To name some of the activities we have in mind: a fair of traditional products from the ‘Land of Dorna’ with food and craft to delight your eyes and bellies , at the same time promoting our hardworking farmers and crafters, ECO brunches, traditional cultural festivals, evening campfires with  movie watching under the starry sky…

Stay tuned for future updates!

EGC2022 team